Amazon Delivery Service Partner Program

The Amazon Delivery Service Partner Program is a brand new partner program of Amazon. The intentions of this program are to allow drivers to become their own boss by starting a small business and being assigned a route to deliver for Amazon. Some businesses are even offered a number of routes by Amazon. The program has developed because of an ever-growing demand of packages needing to be delivered for Amazon. This Amazon Partner Program has very strict guidelines that new business owners must follow in order to be offered an Amazon Delivery Service Partner Route. Once approved, the new business owner is offered a number of benefits a traditional delivery business does not have.

The Ten Primary Benefits Include:

  • Workman, Delivers, Three Boxes, Isolated, Box Mover for an Amazon Delivery Service Partner Owner Training
  • Employee Training
  • Technology
  • On-Demand Technical Support
  • A Dedicated Account Manager
  • Exclusive Pricing on Amazon Branded Vans
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Accounting Services
  • Legal Support
  • 20 Years of Logistics Experience


Owner Training

Amazon Provides an extensive three-week training program for new business owners. This program is a requirement before business owners start delivering for Amazon as a part of this program. The first week is an introduction to Amazon in Seattle. The introduction is followed by two weeks in the field working alongside an existing owner and driver. This portion of the program is engineered to help new owners learn the tips and tricks of operating a successful delivery business.

Employee Training

Part of the training for new business owners includes detailed information about how to hire and train new employees. Recruiting and retaining superior drivers are an ongoing part of the success of your operation. Amazon has high standards and have developed a customer-obsessed culture. This culture demands the business owner to motivate their team to exceed expectations on every delivery.

Technology for An Amazon Delivery Service Partner

Technology can be extremely expensive. Few industries rely on accurate accounting of products and services more then a delivery service business. Amazon has technology specifically designed for the drivers and the business of Amazon.

Logistics, Personal, Group, Gears of an Amazon Delivery Service Partner Business

On-Demand Technical Support

Amazon provides their partner business owners with on-demand technical support. When a business relies on technology for crucial aspects of the business, the technology the business depends upon is eventually going to fail. Amazon has dedicated technical support just for Amazon Delivery Services Partners.

A Dedicated Account Manager

Each Amazon Delivery Service Partner is assigned their own dedicated Account Manager to serve as a point of contact for communication throughout Amazon.

Exclusive Pricing on Amazon Branded Vans

Purchasing or leasing vans is a large expense for a delivery business. Amazon has vehicles that are designed specifically for the type of work Amazon Delivery Services Partners perform.

Auto Repair, Oil Change, Oil, Auto, Shop, Repair, Work, Vehicle Maintenance for an Amazon Delivery Service Partner Business

Vehicle Maintenance

In addition to offering special pricing on Amazon Branded Vans, Amazon offers a vehicle maintenance program specifically designed for The Amazon Delivery Service Partner Program.

Accounting Services

Keeping the books straight can tremendously difficult for a start-up. Especially as the start-up grows at a rapid pace. Amazon offers their qualified partners help through their own accounting services designed specifically for the Amazon Delivery Services Partner Program.

Legal Support for An Amazon Delivery Service Partner

I addition to accounting services, Amazon provides their certified partners with some legal support when the need arises.

20 Years of Logistics Experience

Probably the most valuable aspect of partnering with Amazon is access to the wealth of knowledge that comes with 20 years of logistical experience. Amazon is one of the biggest businesses in the world and it has been for many years. As your business grows, you can leverage this partnership to gain access to Amazons vast experience.

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